Atari VCS is Released to Backers!

When the Atari VCS was announced some time ago fans swarmed the backer page funding this piece of nostalgia from their childhood. However, as the months passed by people had been worried about the release of the actual console. There were stories reported that said that the console was fake or a scam to bilk people out of their hard earned money.

The folks over at Atari VCS silenced the critics once the first units started to ship to backers.

Videos are also starting to pop up online reviewing the Atari VCS and the reaction is mixed with some people loving the console and others saying it wasn’t worth the price. The front end of the system is powered by a slick Linux operating system that is custom to the VCS and looks great enabling you to play games from your childhood on the big screen. The controllers look good as well with the retro controller lighting up depending on which direction you pushed and the modern controller looks very sleek.

However, one thing that has been overlooked is the power of the Atari VCS as a YouTuber had fitted it with a secondary drive. On this drive he had put Windows 10 and shown what a powerhouse this machine is! This video shows the machine running not only PSP, Gamecube and Wii games but Playstation 2 games as well! Imagine being able to play not only the greats from the Atari VCS but emulating other games as well?

If you are wanting to get one of these for your own unfortunately if you didn’t back the campaign you will have to wait. Pre-orders are already available at such places like GameStop, Walmart and their own website at  The base 8gb system will run you around $299 while there is a combo package that includes both the classic and modern controllers that will cost you $399. While there isn’t any word on international orders they said that they will announce those soon.

For the fans of classic gaming you will want to get your hands on one of these units. Hopefully we will get one of these units for review so watch out for that. For more information along with pricing head over to and get ready to ask, “Have you played Atari today?”