Atari VCS Has Been Delayed… Yet Again

When I first covered the Atari VCS (previously known as the Atari Box) I was concerned as we had an Indiegogo campaign to raise over 3 million dollars for this game console. There have been months upon months with no word on the progress of the hardware and no third party developers / games have been announced for this system. They had previously said that this was going to get a Spring 2019 release and with no word on what the specs of the console was or what games would be playable on it people had become wary about any news that was released about this console.

Now it seems that Atari has forced its hand and all because of a YouTuber named SpawnWaveMedia had called them out.

After he had posted a video about the delay of the system Atari responded with an update that they are going to be delaying the Atari VCS again. However, they say that they are doing this because they wanted to upgrade the processor. Because of this modification the system has been pushed back to the end of 2019.

My personal thoughts? If this thing is ever released who is going to want it? This is the year when Sony and Microsoft are going to debut their next gen consoles so the PS5 and the new Xbox One are on the horizon. And what games are you going to play on this new console? Atari 2600 games? You can go ahead and get a Dreamcade Replay and order one and get it NOW for LESS than $299!

So what do you think? Is this a doomed system from the start or do you believe that Atari will deliver this system? Let us know by commenting below.