A New Generation of Heroines Come to Kickstarter!


A group of fresh new heroines are currently taking Kickstarter by storm, in the shape of Agent Wild, Geek-Girl and Eule – starring in an eclectic trio of comic books, with something to suit all tastes.

Don Walker, the man behind Dork Empire Ink and Reaper Corps brings us Agent Wild a.k.a. Tabbita Vaynor, the Princess of Wylanar. Wild is part of intergalactic federation the Union of Species, and a ‘Hunter Agent’ for the Union’s paramilitary force known as 12th Hour – which polices the secret population of Union of Species citizens on Earth.

Agent Wild: Union Fall #1 & #2 see the eponymous heroine fighting both friends and foes to weed out insurgents and uncover the truth about who’s behind a conspiracy that threatens galactic civil war – and why Earth is at the center of it all. It’s a race against time as a number of Union species begin to ready themselves for war with billions of lives – over millions of light years – hanging in the balance.

Walker describes the high-octane Agent Wild series as, “What you’d get if you put Buffy, Men In Black and The Matrix into a blender on high speed. Strong female characters with thought provoking stories…and stuff blowing up!”

Speaking of Buffy, ‘super-heroes meets mean girls’ Geek-Girl has been compared on more than one occasion to Joss Whedon’s Vampire-Slayer – and this came up again on a recent podcast Geek-Girl creator/writer Sam Johnson (The Almighties, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman) appeared on. Johnson elaborates, “I was on the Outside the Panels podcast, wherein host Johnny ‘The Machine’ Hughes referenced this and asked if I was a fan of Joss Whedon’s style of writing and snappy patter – or whether it was just part of doing a high school/college-based series. Having actually seen very little of Buffy, I have to say it’s more the latter, but I’ll certainly take the compliment!

“The current Geek-Girl Mini-Series, ‘Crime War,’ actually moves things away from  that setting to a degree, though,” Johnson continues. “The original Geek-Girl Ruby Kaye has saved their city of Maine from ‘big ‘bad’ Lightning Storm – but has wound up electrocuted by Lighting Storm, and put in a coma as result.

“Ruby’s BFF Summer kind of pushed her into using the flight and super-strength powers the super-tech glasses (that she landed on a whim) gave her to become a super-hero. Now, Summer – who has the glasses in Ruby’s absence – is feeling guilty about this, and the new Mini-Series sees her trying to fill in as Geek-Girl in a city that is crime-ridden due to the hole in lawn enforcement left in Lighting Storm’s wake.” Johnson concludes, “New-crooks-on-the block The League of Larcenists have arrived and are looking to make a name for themselves and grow in reputation and number – and they have the tech & firepower to do it. Summer’s in for a rough ride…”

Completing our trinity of new heroine-lead comic series is Eule’s Vision – wherein disaster and tragedy births a new super-heroine when Mother Earth sends a herald to ‘cleanse’ Sentry City for planet-damaging atrocities perpetrated by Eule’s own family!

Co-creator Chad Heinrich (Hardlee Thinn, Notti & Nyce) gives us a little background on Eule’s Vision: ”Our preview issue launched to a very warm reception at both Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con International this year. The wave of positive feedback we received pushed us to complete the project and launch our campaign on Kickstarter. However, we cannot do this without the love and support of people like YOU!”

All three comic books are live on Kickstarter now, and you can find them at the links below.

Agent Wild: Union Fall: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1654672054/agent-wild-union-fall-1-and-2-of-5

Geek-Girl: Crime War: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geekgirlcomics/geek-girl-crime-war

Eule’s Vision:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heinrichart/eules-vision