Twitch Streamer Banned For Sexist Remarks


For those of you who follow the Twitch Stream, and sit and flow through all the gossip that comes in and out of that never-ending abyss, then I’m sure you’ve managed to hear the name Trainwreck at least once. The streamer is notorious for having targeted female streamers on the Twitch platform who he felt were “sluts”. He declared that these women were stealing subscribers from those people who worked hard for it with their body as opposed to their content.

The comment’s managed to land the streamer a 5-day suspension from Twitch. That said, Trainwreck made sure to ‘apologize’ for any wrongdoing on his part – or at least pretended to.

“Here are amazing female streamers that provide great content, it was not my intention to discredit them all in any way, and I understand that this content did exactly that, and I am embarrassed.”

The funny thing, or sad thing, is that after his given apology to the public Trainwreck made sure to retweet a whole host of comments that people had made about ‘bikini streamers’. As if it excused the poor behavior on his part.

Fast forward to now.

Trainwreck seems to be back at it and banned again for a whole new host of sexist comments. This time around though people seemed interested in if anything permanent is going to be done to the streamer as opposed to just giving him a slap on the wrist. The belief seems to be that it’s time Twitch cleans up its community a bit more.

His newest offense came at the expense of my favorite online game currently Overwatch. On which he got upset at a female player for not healing him enough. Check it out below:

In case you can’t hear the mumbling at the end, here’s a transcript of what Trainwreck decides to say. “Hey Ashley, can you please fucking heal?” A reasonable request in a tough Overwatch match, if rudely expressed. However, it continues with: “We get it, you want to fucking act like you’re equal and all that bullshit. What the fuck, dude? Women and men are already equal. Some women have this chip on their shoulder where they have to prove that they’re equal, so they play DPS on purpose and throw games.”

Yeah, a lot less acceptable in terms of attitude and demeanor towards another teammate -no matter the gender.

Trainwreck has since attempted to make a half-ass apology, one that left me scratching my head more than understanding him if I’m honest with myself.

He seems to imply in his video that there are ‘triggered’ individuals on Overwatch that don’t wish to play healing roles simply because other’s expect it of them. They wish to prove that they can do something else and thus don’t play their actual main, which was actually a healing character, to begin with. This argument seems to ignore the whole concept that women can just be DPS mains, and doesn’t acknowledge that sometimes the chemistry in a match on Overwatch just isn’t there – leading to a really bad round.

It’s easy to think that it was just a bad comment or a silly mistake on the streamers part. After all, sometimes games just get you really frustrated and you tend to act in ways you normally wouldn’t when having a bad match. However, that is the exact thought that Twitch users want you to delete from your brain, and to hone in on the fact that Trainwreck might just be like his namesake – an absolute Trainwreck in terms of his personal character.

Here’s another clip showing Trainwreck reacting poorly to a female player on Overwatch. In the clip he tries to tell the gamer to follow him on Twitter, upon refusal he seems to have a bit of a meltdown and attacks her looks out of the blue.

Trainwreck seems incapable of not making some sort of comment in regards to anothers gender. That said, it’s hardly surprising that people are finding more stuff to throw at him to prove the narrative that he is toxic to the community at large and more of a permanent solution should be found for such individuals on Twitch. Especially given that he has already confirmed to his fans that this isn’t a permanent goodbye.

Should toxic behavior be allowed to fester on the Twitch Streams? How should we combat it? Let me know below what you think.