Confusing Steam Sales

Confusing Steam Sales
: S.A.

The most amusing thing, or most frustrating, is to see conflicting sales on games when they are supposed to be on a ‘discounted’ price. With gaming companies spending serious cash in terms of advertising, and convincing gamers into purchasing their product, one would think they could be bothered to assure that their game prices make sense.

That said, sometimes it happens that things just don’t compute.

Ubisoft is one such company, and you can witness this confusion in their sale pitch on the Steam store happening right now. A strange barrage of discounts should have gamers double checking their price points, to assure themselves that they are getting the best deals on their gaming purchases. For instance, the Ubisoft Prime Pack, or the Assassin’s Creed Pack, now costs more than buying the games individually.


Like I said, very confusing.

To give you an example, let’s examine the Ubisoft Prime Pack. Wherein the pack itself is currently 50 percent off its regular price. This puts the Prime pack at a whopping $100 dollars. However, if one was to examine the games within the package, half of which are 75 percent off, you might come to noticed that if you were to buy the games individually you would only pay $68 dollars in total.

Well I wonder how I’m going to buy the games….

It’s a silly mistake that I’m sure will be fixed by Ubisoft post haste, but for those of you thinking you’re getting deals on the steam sale I suggest you just double check.

It never hurts.

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