The Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show: Spotlight on Kevin Boyd, Comics Coordinator Fan Expo HQ

toronto-fan-days-comicon-dec-5-2015Behind the scenes at The Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show: Spotlight on Kevin Boyd, Comics Coordinator Fan Expo HQ 
Kevin Boyd was the Canadian Comic Guest and Programming Coordinator for Fan Expo when Hobbystar was still running them in 2007 – 2012, and before that he was the co-promoter of the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon from 2003-2007. After Fan Expo Canada 2012 Kevin took a step back from the convention scene to concentrate on his retail store The Comics Lounge & Gallery which had opened earlier that same year. In May 2015 Comic Book Lounge & Gallery closed their physical location but still operate as a subscription service and as a vendor at many conventions in the GTA. Although he was an adviser to Fan Expo this year, Kevin officially rejoined Fan Expo HQ (now run by Informa) in October of this year as the Comics Coordinator and is responsible for shows in Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Dallas and Orlando. The Fan Days Holiday Show is the first show he’s worked on here with the team since returning to conventions. 
AQ: What was the focus of the programming for this show? 
KB: The Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show takes it’s lead from many of the Christmas Pop Up Markets that you see at this time of year. It evolved from two smaller events, the Toronto ComiCon and Toronto AnimeCon one days shows traditionally held by Hobbystar towards the end of the year. Informa merged the events and made it a bigger attraction. So it’s primary function was a shopping market for Toronto fandom with vendors, artists and artisans. At Fan Days I am responsible for inviting and looking after the comic book guests, which this year included Leonard Kirk, Adam Gorham, Scott Hepburn, Fearless Fred, Michael Walsh, Hope Nicholson, Mike Rooth and many more. 
AQ: Which of the current show attractions are you planning on changing or upgrading? 
KB: Not so much changing or upgrading, but ensuring that comics at Fan Expo meets the expectation of fans and the creators that we bring in and set up at these events. Fan Expo is built on Sci-Fi, Comics, Anime and Gaming and our goal is to provide the ultimate fan experience for each of those areas. My goal is to provide a must-see experience for comic book fans by ensuring we bring in great comic book creators and doing great programming with them. 
AQ: What do you hope to add to the Informa Fan Expo conventions this year?  
KB: My knowledge and my friendly, casual approach in working with creators and with fans. I’ve been working on, directly and indirectly, conventions and related events here in Toronto since 2003.