Ubisoft Enters the Star Wars Universe

Ubisoft’s next game takes Place in a galaxy far, far away

For as long as I can remember there have always been games based on Star Wars. From the early days with such great LucasArts titles such as X-Wing and Dark Forces to the latest offerings from Electronic Arts. However, it only seems that Electronic Arts was able to develop games based on this iconic franchise.

Not anymore.

Ubisoft has announced that they are making an open world Star Wars game. The folks over at Massive Entertainment (who are behind the first two Division games) are attached to the project. However, nothing is known about this game especially the release date or what platforms it will be available on. The only speculation that would be awesome is that this open world game would allow you to play the game the way you want. Imagine playing as an embittered Jedi or a reckless bounty hunter exploring both new and familiar worlds.

The game engine that will be used to power this game will be the Snowdrop engine that has been used to power The Division game. This announcement coincides with Disney rebranding their game division back to the LucasArts label. There also has been news that Bethesda has been in negotiations with LucasArts to make another game based in the Indiana Jones franchise.

And who knows what the future holds for LucasArts? We might see classic games rebooted and reimagined as there were a lot of great licenses created throughout the years. Imagine a new adventure in the Full Throttle or Grim Fandango universe.

Are you excited with the rebranding of Disney’s game division to LucasArts? What are some of the projects you are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!