c3ea60c2-53db-4c10-b713-75e353fc0037Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau Honours Captain Canuck 

This Canada Day will be a special one for the comic world.

Canadian Prime-minister Justin Trudeau has graciously written a letter on behalf of the good Captain that will be featured in the Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special. Trudeau will also appear on the front cover of the issue alongside the Captain in a portrait style drawing by Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely.

‘I am thrilled to stand next to the Captain in this special Canada Day edition’ says the Prime-minister, ‘ I have long been a comic book fan and it is a special privilege to follow the exploits of our Canadian superhero.’

To celebrate the occasion, Captain Canuck will appear live at ‘Canada Day 2016at  Queen’s Park’ at 10am, 111 Wellesley Street West in Toronto (south side of Queen’s Park Circle) with bundles of the Summer Special in tow.

The 64-page Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special will be available at comic book stores nation-wide on Canada Day and is also available for order at

Captain Canuck was created in 1975 by Richard Comely. The character has recently seen a revival at the hands of Fadi Hakim, Publisher of Chapterhouse Comics.