Titan Comics 2020 Holiday Guide

As Thanksgiving comes to a close people start to think about the holiday season and what to get that certain person on your list. Most people are easy to shop for however, if you have a harder person on your list it might be a daunting task. However, the folks over at Titan Comics have you covered to tackle fans no matter what they are into.

If you have a fan of Marvel Comics on your list there are a few titles that you might want to add to their wishlist. Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years chronicles how this small company started out with a few titles and has grown into the media empire it is today.

This is a great book for those who want to know about the history of Marvel Comics and at $29.99 it will not break the bank. If you have a fan on your wishlist who cannot wait for the upcoming Black Widow movie then you might want to check out the Black Widow official movie special book. This hardcover book has a few interviews with the cast and crew of the movie along with an in depth look at this femme fatale and is only $19.99. And for the Spider-Man fan on your list we have the Philosophy of Spiderman as this gives you an inside look into your favorite wall-crawler. Filled with witticisms on some of Peter Parker’s awkward moments this is perfect for the webhead on your list and it only costs $14.99

Sure gamers might be easy to shop for as there are two major gaming consoles that are going to be released this holiday season. However, what if you can’t afford to give your loved one the next generation graphics they so crave? Get them a few graphic novels instead! For those who love the Assassin’s Creed series there is a graphic novel entitled Assassin’s Creed: Origins deluxe edition. This latest in a long line of assassins follows the tale of Charlotte De La Cruz as she finds that something is hidden in their very DNA. Once they discover this secret can they keep their heads as they try to unravel this mystery? You can find out for yourself for the low price of $29.99. The latest instalment in the Bloodborne series is Bloodborne Volume 4 The Veil Torn Asunder.

This volume collects issues 13-16 of the book as a new wanderer appears in the city of Yharnam. Will this introduction cause the old ones to wake and reality to unravel? At a low price of $16.99 you might want to pick up other volumes in order to complete the set. Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game on the PS4 and the folks over at Titan Comics have translated it to a wonderful graphic novel. The first volume deals with the greatest hunter Talanah as she searches for her missing friend Aloy. Will she be able to find her? You can give this as a gift to a special gamer for only $16.99

For the ones who love the realms of Science Fiction, Titan Comics has got you covered. Sure there are a lot of franchise options available from Dr. Who to Star Trek and even The Mandalorian! The newest Mandalorian entry has a lot of art and imagery from season 1 of the hot Disney+ show. If you have a fan of this show then you can show them the way at only $19.99. Fans of the hit comic Tank Girl have a new compilation of stories to keep them entertained under the title Tank Girl Forever. It is four color shenanigans going on in this volume as the Tank Girl crew dresses up as their favorite superheroes to fight… crime? And at only $16.99 this is a steal! For fans who love to see the world in ashes you might want to pick them up a copy of Solo: The Survivor of Chaos. This initial volume chronicles a mutant rat named Solo who must leave his home in order to survive. This amazing graphic novel is only $29.99 so you might want to get one for yourself as well! The Valerian adventures is an amazing series however, the author had done another series entitled Bilal: Legends of Today. This volume chronicles Bilal as he has superpowers and how these three locations deal with him. This massive tome can be yours for yourself or a loved one for $39.99

For the little ones in your house you can find all sorts of stocking stuffers at Titan Comics. If you have some fans of the Minions in your house then you need to check out Minions Paella!

This has the cute, loveable characters travelling around the world sampling food from various countries. This comic is a steal at only $6.99 so you can get one for everyone on your list! And if you have children who love Dr. Who there are a few options you can go with. Starting off with the Thirteenth Doctor there is a two part holiday special that can be had for $5.99 each issue. Can the Doctor manage to save Christmas or will it be lost for all time? Another option would be to go with Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious. This deals with the tenth doctor as he fights alongside the Daleks in order to beat an enemy that even they fear. This can be bought for only $16.99 and would be perfect for the Dr. Who fan on your list.

For all the people that are on your lists whether they are kids or just kids at heart, Titan Comics has something for everyone! For more information about the books they have for sale along with where to purchase them visit https://titan-comics.com/ and get ready to spread some holiday cheer.