This Movie is #1 with a Silver Bullet


When I was growing up I first did so in East Brunswick, NJ and then later on in Staten Island, NY. And at each time there was a wooded area not too far from my house. I was convinced that these woods would have any assortment of creatures and we never went into these woods for fear of our lives. Imagine if you did live in a town where a series of strange events started to unfold and you were trapped in the middle of it. What would you do? This is the setting of Silver Bullet a classic blu-ray offered to us from those great folks at Umbrella Entertainment.

Silver Bullet is based on the Steven King story Cycle of the Werewolf and it follows a family consisting of Jane Coslaw (who also turns out to be the narrator of the film), her paraplegic brother, Marty and their parents Nan and Bob. They all live in the quiet town of Tarker’s Mills, Maine and this all takes place in 1976. The weirdness starts off as a railway worker is found decapitated however, the authorities are ruling that he was too close to the train tracks and it was an accident. Unfortunately it turns out that it was not an accident as more and more victims start to pile up and people are starting to get on edge. And due to the series of murders that are occuring throughout the small town they have cancelled the fireworks festival. This doesn’t stop the Coslaw’s from having their own and Uncle Red shows up to this party with a gift for Marty. The gift is a custom wheelchair / motorcycle that they have dubbed “The Silver Bullet”. As time goes on the body count starts to rise and people are spreading wild allegations that the murderer is a werewolf but if it is can the folks of this small town stop it? This has to be one of the classic Steven King stories that is getting harder to find as the first time I saw this movie was on VHS years ago. The memorable performaces from such great actors as Gary Busey and Corey Haim as well as being directed by the one and only Dino De Laurentis puts the icing on the cake to such a great film.

If the blu-ray just came with the movie I would be extremely happy but there are even more features on this disc as well! There is an audio commentary track with the Daniel Attias and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We have four interviews ranging from how the special effects were created for the movie with special effects artists Michael McCracken, Jr. and Matthew Mungle. We also have an interview with the actor Everett McGill on his role in Silver Bullet as well as an interview with the composer Jay Chattaway. But the biggest surprise is a featurette with Martha De Laurentis as she remembers what it was like to make Silver Bullet. A theatrical trailer, tv and radio spots as well as a still gallery round out these special features and believe me when I tell you this just brings more to the table when considering adding this blu-ray to your collection.

If you are a fan of either Steven King, Werewolves or you just love to see Gary Busey get wacky definitely get this for your collection! For this and other great films offered by  Umbrella Entertainment head over to  and be careful of what might lurk in the woods.