The Rage 2 Trailer is Awesome!


The asteroid known as 99942 Apophis collided with the earth and ended the majority of life on the planet. Years later life started to flourish in the wasteland however, the civilization is still in ruin and the only way to hold on to what you have is with lots of bullets. This is the world of Rage and when it was first released I was excited as this game was amazing. Imagine a world where Mad Max is mashed up with a lot of different genres such as horror and sci fi. We have a faction known as Authority and when the game was over I was satisfied but I always wanted more of the game, its universe and new experiences in this new and terrifying world.   

Recently the trailer for Rage 2 dropped.  

And my god.. I have gotten my wish.  

This game looks to be everything that I wanted and more. From the trailer we can see that this is going to be an open world game so you can go and do what you want. Also, the amount of enemies that seem to be on screen at the same time looks amazing! Imagine getting swarmed by a bunch of different enemies and you have to fight them off. The giant creatures are back and they look larger than life and scary as hell. If I saw one of these in game I would probably run away and hit it from a distance.  

But what I love about Rage 2 is there are new factions in the game! Not just the one or two gangs that were in the first game there are more gangs who have different looks, uniforms and mannerisms. Who knows? Maybe if you take a job with one gang it might make another one hate you and shoot you on sight? We don’t know just yet.   

What I also love is that we have gotten this trailer on 5/15 and E3 is around a month off! If this is going to be what’s indicative of what we can expect from this year’s show we might be getting a lot of great surprises in a month! 

So what do you think? Are you excited for Rage 2? Let us know by commenting below!