The Forever Purge Official Trailer


One of the guilty pleasures I have when it comes to movies has to be The Purge series. The original movie set the stage where all crime was legal for one night out of the year. The last entry in the series showed its inception on Staten Island (my hometown!) and the effects of that first purge. Now the folks over at Universal Studios have released a new entry in the series called The Forever Purge.

And it looks amazing!

It appears as if this takes place in a small border town in the United States where the purge has just ended. However, there is a group who thinks that the purge needs to be extended indefinitely so they can do whatever they want. This looks like to be an excellent addition to the series and focuses on topics like racism and immigration.

 Will this be a worthy entry in the Purge series? Will you go to the theaters to watch the next instalment of The Purge? Let us know as we love to hear from you!