The Best Movies That Are So Bad, They’re Good

The Best Movies That Are So Bad, They’re Good

When you’re hanging out with friends, one of the activities you probably end up doing together is watching a movie. But finding the right film can be tricky. Recently, people have been choosing not the best movies but the worst movies to watch. These movies are so bad that they’re good.

Fateful Findings

Writer, actor, producer, and director Neil Breen has become an internet icon, as his films have gained wide appeal in the last few years. They’re fun to watch because they’re so bad at times—but you can still tell that genuine passion and devotion come from behind the scenes. Breen’s third film, Fateful Findings, features a lot of video production mistakes—including but not limited to awkward editing, shaky cameras, and uninspired shots—but it’s still a film you can’t look away from.

Jupiter Ascending

Whereas Fateful Findings was a low-budget production with not a lot of fanfare, Jupiter Ascending was a big-budget Hollywood film that didn’t land where it was supposed to. It features a lot of stars, special effects, and a vast world rich in storytelling, but this doesn’t make up for the sheer on-screen messiness. Nothing feels grounded and understandable—characteristics typically needed for a film to be successful.

The Room

This may be one of the most notoriously bad movies today. A quality film is usually noted for its incredibly memorable, heartfelt performances, but the performances in The Room achieve something slightly different. Tommy Wiseau, actor, director, writer, and producer, delivers the performance of a lifetime with lines continually repeated in a nonsensical, over-the-top manner. Since the film’s resurgence with the internet and meme culture, Wiseau has embraced his status as an icon, though maybe not for the reasons he had traditionally envisioned.

The Happening

This film is from the notorious director M. Night Shyamalan, someone whose work is full of high highs in the form of The Sixth Sense and low lows in the form of After Earth—and this film. One of the main reasons this film has gained such a reputation is that the premise itself is hard to take seriously. Additionally, tough man Mark Wahlberg plays a science teacher, and he poses each of his lines like a question, as though he’s uncertain why he’s in the film in the first place.

These are the best movies that are so bad, they’re good—you and your friends are sure to have a fun time if you put any of these on the TV.