The Art of Ploog: Volume 2 Hits Kickstarter

Last year the folks over at FPG Publishing brought to us The Art of Ploog. This massive tome featured some of the great work of Mike Ploog. For those that don’t know Mike Ploog has worked not only for Marvel and DC Comics but also worked for some great movie studios on titles such as The Thing and Dark Crystal. The first volume also contained various paintings that were done by the master and you can see the amount of dedication that was put into every piece. To this day my all-time favorite Mike Ploog art is his Werewolf by Night stuff as those books are my childhood and just an amazing piece of nostalgia for me.

Now the folks over at FPG are at it again as they are coming out with The Art of Ploog: Volume 2!

There is not a lot of information on what is going to be included in this volume however, we can be sure that more art will be shared from his time at Marvel. We also know that this is going to be a massive volume totaling 352 pages and it can be shipped to your door if you pledge $49 to their Kickstarter. If you missed out on the first volume that’s not a problem as you can get both the first and second volumes of this amazing book for the low price of $79! Yes you heard me right! And seeing as just one of these volumes retails for $50 you are getting a STEAL right there. If you really want to pledge some more of your hard earned cash they are offering Ploog’s original pieces of art. Granted these are a bit pricey however, for $3,000 to have an original piece of art that no one else has is to me quite reasonable. Like I said these are original oil paintings on canvas board and you will also get a copy of The Art of Ploog: Vol. 2 thrown in with it.

So if you want to check out the Kickstarter you can do so here and check out all the great stuff that the campaign has to offer. You will be helping to get this massive tome out into the world that fans old and new alike will appreciate. For more information on past, current and future projects head over to and get ready to experience the creative mind of Michael Ploog.