Television Genres You Should Start Watching

Television Genres You Should Start Watching

These days, television is more diverse than ever. Broadcast networks and streaming services make it possible for people to enjoy all kinds of TV shows. Whether you’re a fan of action or a lover of all things romance, there’s a show waiting for you to binge.

If you’re in a TV slump and don’t know what to pick next, don’t panic! There are so many unique television genres you should start watching. Broaden your horizons and explore your options to curate your perfect Netflix queue.

Children’s TV

Many adults avoid watching cartoons because they view them as “childish.” However, there are so many incredible children’s TV shows that still speak to grown-ups. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill educational shows for toddlers, either.

Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe talk about mature themes like war, relationships, and identity. Even though children are the target audience for these cartoons, many adults find them charming and entertaining. Coupled with fun soundtracks and colorful animation, children’s TV evokes a sense of nostalgia while making serious subjects easily digestible.


Just because kid’s TV has a monopoly on cartoons doesn’t mean there aren’t genres for adults. If you’re looking for an animated television genre to start watching, try watching anime.

There’s a reason why anime is popular in America. Much like children’s TV, anime uses animation to capture audiences and discuss difficult subjects. However, tons of anime target adults and feature dramatic and romantic storylines, making them perfect for older viewers who want something more mature.

Period Dramas

There are plenty of TV dramas on the air to last a lifetime. If you’re tired of the same ol’ storyline but still want that theatrical flair, you should start watching period dramas. These shows perfectly combine history, romance, and drama in one remarkable package.

Think shows like Bridgerton, The Crown, and Outlander. All of these stories take place in the past and portray real-life situations, all while appealing to modern audiences. Extravagant costumes, unusual dialogue, and breathtaking scenery help tell historical stories that are still relevant today.

You have an abundance of TV shows at your disposal. Exploring new television genres will expand your tastes and expose you to worlds you didn’t even know existed.