Superhero Tattoo Day at Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles


Overcast skies and persistent rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles’ Super Hero Tattoo Day on Sunday afternoon. Customers came in to get tattoos of their favorite superheroes and to pick up the latest comics and collectibles on Gotham’s shelves. The tattoos were provided by Mississauga’s Skintricate Tattoo Company and patrons chose from a wide range of tattoos from some of the most popular pop culture icons and franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, Batman and Captain America.

Jenna, who was getting a Star Wars Empire logo tattoo on her ankle, said that “Everybody I work with comes in here all of the time because this is our favorite comic book store and Carlos told us about this a couple of months ago, so we were pretty stoked. We really didn’t know what we were going to get. We just wanted to come because we thought that it would be cool.”


The artists from Skintricate Tattoo Company weren’t the only artisans at Gotham yesterday. Several members of the Spent Pencils crew were on hand providing sketches for customers and selling prints of their own artwork.

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Carlos Camara, Gotham’s owner, was pleased with the success of the event. “I see a lot of new faces in the store today,” he said. “Faces that I don’t recognize as regular customers and that’s because they are here getting a superhero tattoo.” Carlos said that he plans to hold other special events at the store in the coming months and will be holding a second Super Hero Tattoo Day next year.