Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang #1 – REVIEW


Suicide Squad Most Wanted 1The Suicide Squad is a team of villains that is sent out on vital missions that other agencies wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. This team is made of such great characters that DC has decided to come out with a mini series focusing on some of the members of the team. Suicide Squad Most Wanted #1 is the first of a six issue limited series that has just hit the comic shops this week. But is this going to be a series worth checking out or should you give this series a pass and just pick up the new comic instead?

Suicide Squad Most Wanted has two stories in each issue. The first story focuses on El Diablo and how he wants to return to his old neighborhood. But when Waller approaches him in his cell she tells him that he has a choice to either lead a new team or be left to rot. His answer is to spit in her face as she opens the door and lets two of the members of the new team beat him. As he is being beaten and drowned a mysterious benefactor steps in and saves him. Diablo looks up and Uncle Sam is there to help him up. He offers him a chance to sign up with Checkmate as they are having problems with a metahuman terrorist threat that is looking to enter the United States. He denies the offer as well as he is let out into the world to go back home but will he find the neighborhood he once knew?

The second story deals with Boomerang as the team is in South America dealing with an army controlled by someone known as El Jaguar. As the team is dealing with the bulk of the troops Boomerang is out at a bar doing what he does best, getting drunk. But as the troops withdraw suddenly they see a small army of metahumans start to close in on the rest of the squad. Deadshot is about to be killed by one of the fast metahumans when he is saved just in the nick of time by Boomerang. As the fight rages on they are saved by El Diablo who picks up the team in a blackhawk helicopter and just in time as one of the baddies blows himself up in a giant explosion. Boomerang is left behind as he tries to find out where these metahumans are coming from and wonders who is behind all this.

Both comics are well written and illustrated by some great talent as you have different people working on both stories. For El Diablo  Jai Nitz is writing the story while Cliff Richards lends his own unique style of pencils and inks for this tale. Boomerang is being written by Michael Moreci and pencilled by Oscar Bazadula and inked by the legendary Scott Hanna. If you are a fan of Suicide Squad you need to check out this new mini series. It sets up both stories really well and gives us a taste of what is to come.