Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer

90 seconds of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has caused a disturbance in the Force. With the release of the trailer this morning it seems as though J.J. Abrams has struck gold again. Now 90 seconds is a long way from 90 minutes, but the imagery contained in the trailer is sure to whet the appetites of Star Wars fans and ease some of the trepidation held by some of them since hearing the news that George Lucas’ space opera was making a return to theaters. There are a lot of images to digest and the trailer poses more questions than answers. The storm troopers are back, and they don’t seem to be clones anymore. Also making a return are tie fighters and a lone Sith (holding a cool new lightsaber), indicating the awakening part of the film’s title may refer to another return of the deadly Sith. X-Wings skimming over water, new speeder bikes, and a dog fight involving the Millennium Falcon above the sandy dunes of Tatooine are sure to have Star Wars fans everywhere clamoring for more.

The Force Awakens hits theaters December 2015.