Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse is an Animation Masterpiece

One of the first comics that I picked up was an Amazing Spider-Man and I remember how enthralled I was reading this comic. It’s about an average joe bitten by a radioactive spider, getting amazing powers and learing with great power comes great responsibility. There have been more than a few Spider-Man movies and the latest one is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse but will this animated feature get right what others have gotten wrong?

The focus of the story isn’t on Peter Parker but on Miles Morales who is a young teenager who has a chance at a better education. This is shortlived as he is bitten by a spider and feels a new power coursing through him. However, another power comes into play as Kingpin and the villians that he has hired protect a large collider that is buried under the city. This machine is creating havoc in the city above as it is drawing in things from different dimensions and that also includes a few different versions of Spider-Man! Now with these multiple versions of Spider-Man this universe is now in jeopardy and will they figure out why Kingpin is doing what he’s doing? Without giving anything else away all I can say is you need to strap in for a great story that rivals any of the previous Spider-Man movies that have been released. I am a big Spider-Man fan and this movie is BETTER than my current favorite which is Spider-Man: Homecoming (which to me is the best Spider-Man movie by far!). And there are also two after credits scenes that you should watch as they are pretty good as well.

Once you are done with the movie there are a few special features that will keep you coming back for more. There is a brand new animated featurette called “Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham” which focuses on Peter Porker aka Spider-Ham as a portal shows up in his universe messing with his own reality. There are also two music videos (which are Sunflower and Familia) which were used in the movie. There is also a tribute to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko which made me tear up a bit as we had recently lost both icons. “We are Spider-Man” is another featurette that talks about the diversity in this universe. The Alternate Universe mode has new characters, alternate plotlines and scenes as the film makers discuss these features deleted from the main movie. If you wanted to go behind the scenes on how some of these characters were created there is something for you. This is broken up into two categories covering the heroes (Hero’s and Hams) and villians (Scorpions and Scoundrels). An easter egg challenge is also on the blu-ray challenging the hardcore fans to find some of these in the movie. The cast and animation of the movie are also covered in two separate featurettes which are “The Ultimate Comics Cast” and “Spider-Verse: A New Dimension”. I was amazed with the amount of special features that were packed onto this blu-ray and loved the insights they gave on making this groundbreaking film.                                                                                                                    If I could give this a better score I would rate this a 15/5 as this is a great movie that has even won an Oscar for best animated feature. If you haven’t seen it go out and get the blu-ray right now and for more information about the movie head over to (www.intothespiderverse.movie/) and get ready to go deep into the Spider-Verse.