Skull & Bone’s Actual Release Date

Skull & Bones, Ubisoft’s recent pirate escapade, has been delayed yet again. The game was meant to be released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC back in 2018 before taking a setback. It seems that setback has reared itself yet again, so sorry to those of you who are eager to play the game.

Though admittedly, the confusion was more on our part as opposed to Ubisoft’s. Back during their financial report, where they made the vague statement that the game was slated to release during “2019/20”, they meant that it could release during financial periods as opposed to what year exactly it might come out. Many people seemed to take it as the game would come out in late 2019. That said, the earliest that the game might be slated to release is April 2020.

As you can see from the Cinematic trailer above, the game looks interesting for those of us who actually enjoyed the pirate aspect of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. As this is the studio that brought us that fun aspect, from a rather tired IP, I can only hope that the game expands on the fun we had while sailing the seas.

There was a bit of a gameplay trailer also released during E3 as well that went along with this fun footage that you can see below. It gives me marginal hope for the future of the game, but I honestly never get my hopes too high anymore for games as I feel it leads to nothing but disappointment.

Except in the Uncharted series, I was always rewarded there.

Anyways check it out, and let us know if you are still waiting patiently for the game to drop in 2020.

Fun fact, apparently there is a Skull & Bones TV show also on the way. Though when it is slated to release, as the game seems quite a bit far away currently, remains to be seen.