San Diego Comic Con Goes Virtual Again in 2021

If you are like me you’ve had it with the amount of cancellations that have happened this year. Concerts, movies and of course conventions have been on the chopping block because of the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

Unfortunately things are getting a little worse as San Diego Comic Con announced that this year’s convention will be online only. A lot of people were hoping that this would be over this year however, it looks like the next time we are going to be together under the California sun is in 2022.

And this also spells doom for conventions that were scheduled before, during and after SDCC. As this convention sets the bar for other conventions and if they cancel then other conventions will follow suit. I have seen a lot of events cancel conventions as this pandemic has ravaged the entire world.

However, this will also raise questions about Disney as they were mysteriously absent from last year’s virtual convention. If they were going to make an appearance this year it might make the difference from it being a mediocre convention to an amazing one.

So what do you think about San Diego Comic Con’s decision to cancel this year’s convention and try for next year? Do you think that it might be too little too late for SDCC? Let us know in the comments below!