Road to San Diego Comic Con: Games


While most people are headed towards the beaches, theme parks and other destinations there are some that are going to flock to San Diego. They aren’t going for the attractions or the weather they are going to attend San Diego Comic Con! This series of articles is a primer to the people who are going to the con and want a clear and concise offering of what is going to be available at the con this year. This section deals with the games that people play whether they are on a screen or a tabletop.

SDCC has a few rooms split between the convention center and the Marriott Marquis. In the SDCC mezzanine level from 9:00-9:00pm demos take place every day. Some of the games you can play are in 14AB (Pokemon), 15AB (EG, Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Eternal Kings, Indie Game Alliance, Looney Labs (Fluxx), No Limit Games, Ravensdale, Renegade Games, Slugfest Games, Renegade Games, Steve Jackson, Table Flip Games, The Realms of Mindrin Wars, Upstart Games, SafeHaven Games, Monkey Finger Games, Obscure Reference Games, Thug Life Game, Diplomacy, CMON, Card Lords, Daryl Andrew Games, USAopoly, Ninja Star Games, AFL, Black Key Games), 16A (Game Library), 16B (Dungeons and Dragons). The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Ballroom hosts games as well from 9:00-12:00am everyday in Ballroom 20 & 22 (Magic the Gathering) and Ballroom 21 (Heroclix, Pathfinder, Super Geeked Up RPGs, and Game Library).

If that wasn’t enough for you there are a ton of exhibitors that will be going to the convention as well and here’s a list of what some of them will be offering.

Ever wanted to have an arcade machine in your house? The folks over at Arcade1up over at 2913 have your back as most of the games can be bought for cheap (for under $400). And this year they are going to be showing off their new games based off Marvel properties, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even Star Wars!

 And if you love arcade games Stern Pinball is going to be in attendance as well. Located at booth 2913 they will be showing off their latest pinball tables. One of the latest tables that I am excited to see is based off one of their oldest properties and that is the Black Knight. The latest installment called Black Knight Sword of Rage brings the classic into the present and it looks amazing!

Ubisoft is going to be in attendance as well and they will be located at booth 134. They will have a few merchandise and exclusives for sale so make sure to swing by as they will probably have more information about their current and up and coming games as well.

If you love some of the games that Capcom makes they will be attending the convention and have a booth over at 215. They will be showing off some of the latest games as well as some of their up and coming games as well. On Friday, July 19th Capcom will be hosting a panel in Room 6BCF from 12:45-1:45pm. This panel will be covering the latest news and trailers of games that are coming from this iconic gaming company. Also, Skybound games will be at the convention at booth 2023 and they will be showing off not only the deluxe version of The Walking Dead but other games that are coming up as well. They are going to be releasing deluxe versions of Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate ll, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights!

Giant game companies will also be in attendance at the convention as you can see Nintendo at booth 235. They will be showing off the latest games that will be coming out on the Switch. Hopefully, Nintendo will go ahead and show off their latest version of the Switch called the Nintendo Switch Lite. Xbox will also be showing off their latest games at booth 100 and I hope we get some more information about their next console. 

There are a few other board game companies that will be showing up the convention with some great games for you to try. The folks over at USAOply will be at booth 1028 and some of the great games they make great games based off great licenses. The Harry Potter Munchkin game looks amazing so swing by the booth and check it out. CMON (which stands for Cool Mini or Not) will have a booth at 4928 and they are famous for a few games. From the Kick Ass board game to their latest entry into the Zombicide universe (called Invader) swing by to see what specials they have for the convention. And of course Fantasy Flight Games will be at the con at booth 2913 with some of their newer games. From their latest game Keyforge to some of the Star Wars miniatures games make sure to check them out!

So there you go! These are some of the games that are coming to this years SDCC. And make sure you keep it tuned to Comix Asylum for more coverage coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2019.