Ride with Norman Reedus 202

Norman Reedus, Dave Chappelle – “Lowcountry With Dave Chappelle” Norman and comedian Dave Chappelle ride from Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA, stopping along the way to experience the culture and history of Lowcountry.  – Ride with Norman Reedus _ Season 2_ Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Ride with Norman Reedus 202

This week Norman Redus makes his way to South Carolina for a road trip with comedian Dave Chapelle. The pair begin their trek in Charleston and ride to Savannah stopping along the way to take in some southern culture and to explore the history of Lowcountry.

The first leg of their trip finds them in the salt marshes of Bowens Island just outside of town to go oyster picking. The laughs begin pretty quickly when Norman and Dave don rubber boots to follow their guide into the mud. The expression on Norman’s face and Dave’s reaction are priceless when their guide opens one of the oysters and eats it raw right in front of them. After picking up a fair amount of oysters Dave and Norman sit down to eat a few before hitting the road again.

Sully Sullivan, a photographer and biker is the next stop on their journey. More hilarity ensues when Sully features Dave in an impromptu photo shoot. Then it’s a sunset ride through Charleston as Sully takes them to the Royal American, a local bar. More laughs break out over craft beer and soon the conversation turns to the virtues of riding bikes.

St. Helena Island is the next destination on the trip and Lowcountry food is at the top of the agenda. Before lunch Norman and Dave chat about the comedian’s creative process and what it was like putting together the legendary Dave Chapelle Show. During their meal at Gullah Grub the owners of the restaurant tell them about Gullah culture and the area and people’s ties to slavery. Before leaving town Norman and Dave visit the first school for freed slaves.

In Savannah Norman makes a solo visit to Graveface Records and Curiosities. The one of a kind store features records and some bizarre items of memorabilia including skulls, Tonya Harding’s skates and a pair of Charles Manson’s stained sweatpants. A trip to a vintage bike shop and discussions about Savannah’s racing history lead to a track session where Norman and Dave have a chance to air out their bikes.

The episode wraps up with Norman attending one of Dave’s comedy shows. The laughs in Dave’s set are the perfect ending to an insightful and educational trek through the southern U.S. As the screen fades to black the two agree to ride again someday and one can only hope we’re fortunate to be able to join them when they do.