Ride with Norman Reedus 205

Norman Reedus – “Hawaii: The Big Island” Norman and photographer Patrick Hoelck ride the Big Island of Hawaii, taking in local customs like fishing, ukuleles, and exploring volcanoes. AMC Original – Ride with Norman Reedus _ Season 2_Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Karen Neal/AMC

Ride with Norman Reedus 205

Norman Reedus’ trek around the world comes to its second last stop on the Big Island of Hawaii. The tropical treasure is home to a host of environments outside of the iconic beaches loaded with sun-drenched tourists. This week Norman and photographer Patrick Hoelck tour the Pacific paradise taking in local customs and exploring volcanoes.

Patrick and Norman do some bonding over local cuisine before hitting the road and exploring the island. The call of the water and a majestic rainbow lead the pair to a fisherman who catches fish while free diving. Luckily for Norman and Patrick the fisherman has some extra gear and they go snorkeling. The beauty of the underwater scene gets a jolt when a whale jumps out of the water near the horizon.

After eating some fish it’s back on the road to one of the best spots for coffee on the island. Before reaching their destination however a pit stop is needed. This leads Norman and Patrick to the Kona Hotel and a urinal with perhaps the best view in America. 70 miles down the coast from Holualoa is Aikane Plantation, a local working ranch and coffee plantation. While there Norman plays cow hearder and gets covered in cow slime in the process.

The next day begins in Pepeeko at a spot Patrick has heard quite a bit about. The picturesque scene at Akaka Falls State Park offers lush greenery, jungles and a beautiful waterfall. The Rock Island Riders then welcome Norman and Patrick for some bike talk and a group-ride bike tour. Sitting down to eat some poi, a local staple, the Rock Island Riders dish on the history of the island and how things have changed over the years.

Sounds from ukuleles fill the air in Hilo. Norman and Patrick run into the owner of Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles who shows them some of the pieces he’s amassed in his shop as well as noting the instrument’s importance to Hawaiian culture. Leaving Hilo behind the pair head toward Volcanoes National Park. Riding through the lava blackened landscape Norman notes that it’s like travelling across Mars. Legends about Pele the volcano goddess only add to the beauty of the lava lakes and molten rock flowing out of Mount Kilauea and into the ocean.

Norman’s trip through Hawaii coupled with last week’s tour of New Mexico offers a window into how locations can be the home to diverse environments. Both episodes also highlight how the indigenous and local people respect the land and try to co-exist with what Mother Nature gives and takes from them. It’s a lesson we all should try to heed.

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