Review: The Terror 105 – First Shot A Winner, Lads

Jared Harris as Francis Crozier – The Terror _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

The Terror 105 – First Shot A Winner, Lads

Last week’s episode concluded with Sir Francis Crozier disciplining one of the crewman as he spoke out of turn. The crewman was saying that the thing that is out there is not a man or a bear but something else. But what could it be? And what does the Lady of Silence have to do with it?

First Shot A Winner, Lads starts with a brace of crewman out on the ice standing watch. As they are taking readings of the cold they are on the lookout for anything suspicious. Inside the Erebus Captain James Fitzjames is plotting out where they are on the ice and it looks as if they are further than anyone had anticipated. As Fitzjames is looking in on Doctor Henry Goodsir we see that he is talking with the Lady of Silence. The doctor says that they are going out and she catches that he is saying out to the Terror. She is finally talking as they are starting to understand one another and she utters one word.


We are also shown the true horrors of the bittering cold as some of the guardsman have come back with toes that are frostbitten. These extremities have turned black and in order to keep the infection from spreading the toes have to be cut off. This results in a VERY uncomfortable scene to watch as those black toes are cut and then cauterized with a hot knife. Now I am not a stranger to horror or gore but even this scene made me cringe a little as it looked as real as it could be.

As the party reaches the Terror we hear that one of the crewmates by the name of Mr. Hornsby has succumbed to the ice as well. Sir Francis Crozier sends the crew to go ahead and check the ship to make sure there aren’t any weak spots as the ice is starting to crush the hull. He is also informed that sixteen bottles of alcohol have been taken from his stores. He curses at this as he wonders if he is going to make it through this expedition alive.

What is waiting out there on the ice? What does the Lady of Silence have to do with this? And will any of the crew survive? Tune in for the latest episode to find out and for more information on this episode and other special features go to and get ready to survive on the ice.

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