Review: Preacher Ep 210 – Dirty Little Secret


Preacher Ep 210 – Dirty Little Secret

Secrets whether big or small can hold the weight of the world, either for the ones holding them or those who’re being kept in the dark. From the secret promised in the episode’s early moments to the ones held throughout, the burden shouldered by those effected exacts a heavy toll.

Tulip’s growing sense of unease mushrooms to epic proportions when she learns the truth concerning Jesse’s actions. Jesse and Starr match wits for a short time until a three ring binder to the nose brings some clarity to their discourse. As Starr peels back the layers of the onion surrounding the Grail and the organization’s association with Heaven, Jesse begins to realize that the man in white may be his ticket to finding out where God truly is.

Cassidy tries his daddy knows best routine but the results are less than stellar. Denis’ new lease on life comes with dire consequences but Cassidy’s guilt blinds him from the truth. His son, now bestowed with a vampire’s thirst is starting to give into his urges with deadly results.

Featherstone tries to worm her way into Tulip’s good graces by playing the good neighbor. Taking advantage of Tulip’s dive into depression they bond over a session of Guitar Hero until her lies get the best of her. Some quick thinking on Featherstone’s part leads to a comic scene where Tulip’s suspicions are laid to rest along with Featherstone’s partner.

One of the dirty little secrets in Dirty Little Secret is the crisis of confidence that hits someone when those they put on pedestals disappoint them. Whether it’s Tulip’s disappointment in Jesse, Starr’s realization that his mission has been a failure or Jesse meeting the Messiah when the shiny object they hold dear in their lives is exposed as a ball of tin they are lost.

Dirty Little Secret is a subtle yet effective piece of storytelling. The journey towards truth is a bumpy one and while Jesse and Tulip fight against it in their won way, Starr takes a pragmatic approach and sets his ship on a new course. He’s seen the light, and it’s Jesse who will be able to give his life purpose. Whether Jesse shares that vision isn’t even a concern for Starr. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the preacher fulfills his and the Grail’s reason for being. If it doesn’t work out in Starr’s favor expect all hell to break lose.

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