Review: Preacher 307 – Hitler

Noah Taylor as David Hilter – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher 307 – Hitler

Only on a show like AMC’s Preacher could a character named Hitler – who looks and sounds like the Nazi leader – go unnoticed while working in a fast food sandwich shop. And be named Employee of the Week no less! That all comes to a screeching halt when the Saint of Killers shows up to make Hitler a part of his chain gang.

Shortly after Madame Boyd is laid to rest an unlikely alliance is formed when Starr arrives on Gran’ma L’Angelle’s front step. A Jesse for unlimited souls agreement is put in place resulting in the formation of a new dynamic duo: Tulip and Featherstone. The pair is tasked with heading to Osaka to liberate the souls Gran’ma L’Angelle needs from a holding facility owned by Soul Happy Go Go.

Cassidy is forming his own new bonds as he hangs out with the members of the Enfants cult. Despite his initial reservations and perhaps spurred on by his chat with Tulip last episode, Cassidy begins to see some common ground between he and Eccarius. The only hiccup arises when he’s asked to turn one of the members. The true nature of the cult also comes to light and they aren’t that different from the Grail. Cassidy’s still on the Grail’s radar and Hoover enlists the organization’s version of a hit squad to track him down. Their attempt falls short but in the aftermath Cassidy and Eccarius have a heart to heart that changes his outlook on a wide range of things. In a strange way Cassidy is given the chance to see things in a new light.

The art of the double cross is in full effect in Hitler. Everyone has their own motivation to get what they want and are willing to twist the bonds of loyalty and truth to get it. Hitler feels like a pivot episode where the narrative takes a turn from what’s been going on before. The mission to Japan and the blurred lines between the Grail, Jesse’s family and Tulip open up a load of possibilities. Cassidy’s seduction at Eccarius’ hands is not only a result of how lost he is but also puts him at the nexus of any potential fallout from the shaky alliance Jesse has formed with Starr. Throw in Gran’ma L’Angelle’s knowledge of Genesis and the last three episodes of the season could yield more than a few surprises.

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