Review: Preacher 305 – The Coffin

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Lucy Faust as Lisa – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher 305 – The Coffin

The Coffin gets off to a barnstorming start shortly after Tulip broaches the idea of killing Jesse’s grandmother as a way to break the spell that keeps them in Angelville. It’s not so much their plans that have the fists, feathers and toilet brushes flying in the opening moments, yes I said toilet brushes, but the fact that Cassidy has flown the coop.

Meanwhile, as a slightly disappointed Starr tries to train the Messiah to meet the world’s various heads of state, he’s summoned by the Allfather. For fans of the Preacher comic book the show’s representation of him is pretty spot on and even evokes distant memories of a Monty Python segment from The Meaning of Life. Jesse Custer has come to the Allfather’s attention and Starr’s refusal to be truthful during their bizarre Facetime session shows some cracks within the organization.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, Cassidy struggles to adapt to life on his own. In a bid to find some normalcy he turns to a dating app called Bite Me but his quest for companionship soon leads him into The Grail’s clutches.

The Coffin sheds some light on the true purpose behind the strange contraptions out by the swamp on the L’Angelle’s property. A truly bizarre session of role-play hints at even stranger happenings on the estate and we’re treated to a rare and frightening glimpse of Gran’ma L’Angelle’s true visage. Jesse’s inner MacGuyver brings The Coffin to its hair-raising conclusion that includes an all out battle between Tulip and his grandmother. Unfortunately for Tulip her victory comes at a price.

All hell breaks loose in the final moments of The Coffin. A potential kidnapping and ransom situation turns into a real one introducing a new set of players on the scene. Les Enfants du Sang make their debut, possessing a surprising set of skills and they have Cassidy in their sights. Everything is in a state of chaos which means, for all things Preacher, that all is as it should be.

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