Review: Preacher 303- Gonna Hurt

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher 303- Gonna Hurt

There’s a lot of pain to go around during Gonna Hurt’s run time. From Tulip’s frustration at discovering that the Grail has closed up shop and moved locations to her interesting meeting with God to Cassidy’s recovery from another bullet wound there’s enough physical and emotional pain to last three episodes.

At casa L’Angelle suspicion begins to grow when Cassidy’s history of personal injury comes to light. The fact he bears no scars after all that he’s been through peaks T.C.’s curiosity and rings alarm bells for Jesse. Cassidy’s true nature is the last thing Jesse’s family needs to be aware of and even though he tries to warn him the vampire fails to heed his friend’s advice. Angelville is home to magic and all sorts of strange happenings but monsters are another matter entirely.

Jesse works to pay off his debt to Gran’ma L’Angelle but he’s more interested in sabotaging his gran’s business than helping her out. Jesse’s lack of effort doesn’t really matter though as L’Angelle’s stature in the community is really suffering due to other matters. The competition has taken over Gran’ma L’Angelle’s territory in Jesse’s absence and Tulip finds out the hard way that dealing with witches isn’t easy.

Cassidy is tormented by his own demons and makes a deal with the devil to ensure that Tulip will be by his side when it’s time to skip town. The Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy love triangle is getting smaller and smaller. Blinded by cupid’s arrow Cassidy is unable to see that he’s in the friend zone when it comes to Tulip’s affections, despite their steamy session in the back of a car a while back. She’s a woman that trades her sexuality to get what she needs and it’s evidenced once again by the dangling crocodile dangling from T.C.’s dingle.

Gonna Hurt features its fair share of cringe worthy moments and we’re introduced to the Tombs, Angelville’s macabre version of fight club. A familiar face in the final moments of the episode combined with Jesse’s role in the whole scenario raises more than a few questions before the screen goes dark. Just how depraved were Jesse’s formative years? If the top hat is any indication we’ve only scratched the surface so far.

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