Review: Marvel’s Daredevil 311 – Reunion

Marvel’s Daredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil 311 – Reunion  

The dominoes, emotional and physical, continue to fall in Reunion. The truth will set you free and Karen and Matt engage in an honest heart to heart as Pointdexter and Nadeem sweep the church looking for them. Thankfully, Sister Maggie runs some effective cover allowing Matt and Karen to escape capture.  

Benefitting from the best justice corruption can buy, Wilson Fisk uses the fake news argument to justify his newfound freedom. Shifting the focus onto Daredevil, particularly after Father Lathom’s murder, Fisk now has a public whipping boy to throw to the public like red meat to a pack of hungry lions. 

Pointdexter’s failure causes some unrest in Fisk’s FBI. Knowing they will draw the Kingpin’s wrath they start to snipe at eat other trying to find out where Karen and Matt have slipped off to. The weak link in the corrupt side of the Bureau is Nadeem and Maggie, sensing the conflict within him appeals to him one last time. While the appeal doesn’t reap immediate benefits when Foggy arrives at the church to spring Karen, Nadeem’s conscience kicks in allowing the NYPD to settle down the volatile situation.   

Matt’s plan to kill Fisk doesn’t go over well with Foggy. His disillusionment with the system rubs Foggy the wrong way and he fights back against his friend to find a better way to take down Fisk. Karen chimes in as the voice of reason and they all decide to work together, within the law, to achieve their goals.  

Fisk’s growing anger and Nadeem’s betrayal endangers the agent’s family, putting him on the defensive. Knowing that time is of the essence, Nadeem races to protect his wife and son before Fisk’s hit squad can do them any harm. Matt’s arrival does nothing to comfort the shaken agent until an olive branch is offered that even Nadeem can’t refuse.   

Reunion serves as a bit of a course correction with law enforcement and Matt, Karen and Foggy teaming up to begin punching back against Fisk. The Kingpin’s trademark outbursts also make a welcome return but his moment with Esther Falb, played by Lesley Anne Warren, is the pivotal scene of the episode. As formidable as Fisk is there are even greater dangers in the world. Falb in her unwavering way, reminds him that even those whom seem powerless can be the agents of destruction for the evil around them.  

The tide is turning against Fisk and Pointdexter is losing his fragile grip on sanity. There’s some hope in Hell’s Kitchen and the Devil is leading the charge.

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