Review: Fear the Walking Dead 415 – I Lose People…

Jenna Elfman as June, Danay Garcia as Luciana, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell as Wendell, Mo Collins as Sarah, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 415 – I Lose People…

Morgan’s crisis of confidence unsettles an already shaken group of survivors. Stuck on top of a hospital with an infected member, Morgan’s inability to take the reigns of leadership causes tensions to rise. Unable to locate Althea and with no real plan of attack the futility of their situation begins to sink in but not everyone shares Morgan’s outlook. June tries to rally her friend to the cause mentioning that if he can’t lead, then the least he can do is help.

A glimmer of hope arises in June and she’s not the only one. Alicia and Charlie reunite with John and Strand and re-establish communication with those on the hospital’s roof. Knowing John’s alive is of some comfort to June and the prospect of getting everyone back together injects some optimism in everyone.  Even Jim, Mr. Sunshine himself, finds a unique way to cope with the present circumstances.

Jim’s not the only one in a sour mood. The Filthy Woman also has an axe to grind. Overhearing Alicia’s conversation with Morgan she somehow tracks her and Charlie down, but her bullet wound soon gets the best of her. The Filthy Woman’s fall is just what the doctor ordered and soon Alicia is driving across the flooded chasm in Althea’s SWAT vehicle to rescue Strand and John.

The quest for Althea and a way out leads Morgan, June and the others through the labyrinth of the dilapidated hospital. With the generator powering the hospital almost out of power Morgan assesses the situation and comes up with a plan. I lose people, Morgan’s mantra spurs him into action and he volunteers to sacrifice himself so that the others can make their way to safety. Morgan’s gambit, half hilarious and half ingenious elicits a few chuckles but proves effective. His good deed done, Morgan lifts some of the burden of guilt he’s been hauling around for the past little while. However, there seems to be more to his sense of brooding than meets the eye. There appears to be some history between Filthy Woman and Morgan but what it may be and what it could lead to remains to be seen.

Unwilling to leave their friend behind Luciana and the gang devise an escape plan to liberate Morgan from the hospital’s roof. Despite his protests the group refuses to give up on him and with a little help from an abandoned fire truck he’s soon lifted to safety.

I Lose People… has several scenes that make the episode play out like a video game. Filled with physical tasks, a quest or two and some character development I Lose People… ties up a few plot threads, introduces a couple of new ones while letting others dangle. Hopefully Fear will release Morgan and move on from his angst filled disposition. There are several ways the rest of the season can play out and with Filthy Woman proving to be a formidable, if not unconventional foe unburdening some of the characters from their past anchors will help to make Fear’s midseason reboot have lasting success.

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