Review: Dirk Gently 208: Little Guy, Black Hair 


Dirk Gently 208: Little Guy, Black Hair 

*Warning: Review Contains Spoilers  

Life in the Cardenas house was anything but idyllic and the opening moments of Little Guy, Black Hair, the 8th episode of Season 2 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, proves that fact. There was always a dark element to the flashbacks involving the Cardenas but after witnessing the results of an argument between Arnold’s parents and the aftermath of the event it is easy to see how he was driven to drink in his later years. 

Back in the present Mr. Priest and Blackwing have the Cardenas’ house cordoned off and under investigation. Mr. Priest reveals that there is a pocket dimension in the house much to Hugo’s confusion back at HQ. Thanks to Ken the situation is under control saving Hugo from a nervous breakdown. Ken also dishes on Mona Wilder telling Hugo that she’s a shapeshifter that prefers to be inanimate objects and was actually the tiny squeeze toy in his office. 

Farah makes her reappearance at the police station and encounters a shaken Tina who is trying to reconcile the craziness she saw at the hospital. Tina’s also having trouble dealing with Hobbs’ disappearance. She’s brought back to her senses by Farah who states that they are the only ones who can make things right. They head on over to Suzie Boreton’s house only to find Bob watching TV even though it’s not plugged in. 

The Dengamoors have Todd and Amanda as captives and plan to publicly put them to death. Amanda tries to reach out to Frija Dengamoor and explains what really happened surrounding Farsom’s disappearance. Unwilling to believe Amanda, Frija goes ahead with their execution. Things look dark until Dirk arrives with the Rowdy 3, Vogel and the Beast to liberate the siblings after some comic scissor-play. 

Little Guy, Black Hair offers viewers their first real glimpse of the boy. Through Dirk we’re also given all of the details of the case including the boy’s present whereabouts. The episode is one of the stronger efforts this season but with the decision to scatter all of the characters there is still something lacking. Once again an APB needs to be put out for Bart. After the promise of her call to action at the conclusion of This Isn’t Miami, not seeing her at all is disappointing. Hopefully we’ll get more of her next episode and some sort of a reunion with Ken before the season comes to an end. The episode is also a little light on bad guys and gals but the final frames indicate that Suzie and the Mage will feature more prominently moving forward. One can only hope.

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