Review: Dirk Gently 206: Girl Power 


Dirk Gently 206 Girl Power 

*Warning: Review Contains Spoilers 

So it’s now clear that the strange happenings in Bergsberg all started with a boatload of trouble. The boy may be the focus of this season but this episode was all about the girls. Girl Power pushes the female characters into the front row of the narrative, while peeling back some more of the layers surrounding the mystery of the boy and the strange events at casa Cardenas.  

Suzie continues her heel turn and completely spoils a potentially tender mom/son moment turning it into a magical mess. Proving to be a worse hit woman than a mom, a grovelling Suzie goes back to the Mage to ask for forgiveness. The Mage is on another page however as he’s still mesmerized by the drawings done by the boy. Saddened that he’s just a “puppet” “built to lose by a child” the Mage isn’t given the chance to wallow for long. Suzie slaps him back to reality claiming that she’s not in the pictures and can be the wildcard to his success.  

Hugo’s frustration boils over when he realizes that the Rowdy 3 have skipped the joint. This benefits Ken in the best way as he’s given a promotion with increased freedom, security clearance and his own room. After a much needed shower and a shave, Ken is asked to find a way to get the Rowdy 3 back.  

Meanwhile at the police station, Dirk and the gang begin to put the pieces of the mystery together. Dirk reasons that Suzie is the Mage’s apprentice in the prophesy and a creepy phone call cements his theory. Complicating matters is the discovery of Hobbs’ disappearance and Blackwing’s assault on the motel. Dirk, believing that Arnold Cardenas is the boy, heads to the hospital to get some more information from him. However, when Dirk and Todd talk to Arnold Suzie shows up in a rage to recover the boy – and not even a bullet to the head can stop her.   

Amanda and the Rowdy 3 reconnect in the Wendimoorian forest. Grateful for their release Martin says that they don’t want to go back to Earth just yet and are willing to follow Amanda everywhere. Amanda continues to hone her powers and after some prodding from Wakti Wapnasi takes her talents to a new level.  

Girl Power is an entertaining and funny episode with enough revelations, laughs and action to keep your interest. Suzie and Amanda take huge steps towards reaching their potential and by the last frame it can be argued that the Mage has been replaced as the big bad of the piece. Panto and Bart finally appear to be primed for action, Mr. Priest continues his one man demolition act and Todd and Dirk may have finally found a way to get to Wendimoor. Like a loose knot, the various plot threads are being pulled closer together. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall apart before all is said and done. 

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