Review: Dirk Gently 203: Two Broken Fingers


Dirk Gently 203 Two Broken Fingers 

*Warning: Review Contains Spoilers 

The drawings showcased at the start of each episode appear to be the handiwork of the boy that Dirk is after. Where is he and what those drawings depict are still a mystery but Two Broken Fingers does offer viewers some more insight into the drama in Wendimoor and how it might relate to what’s happening on Earth. It seems that the missing boy is the key to a lot of strife and while the Trosts realize that he may be the key to peace in their land he’s also the main target of Dirk’s current investigation.  

What this all has to do with the prophesy mentioned in Space Rabbit is anybody’s guess however but Dirk and the boy will no doubt play a huge role in it coming to fruition. The Trosts have little time for prophesies however and have cast aside fighting with oversized scissors. Their new weapon of choice is of earthly magic in the form of an automatic assault rifle. There’s guns in “dem dar hills” and the balance of power appears to be shifted considerably. 

While the case of the dead body trapped in a tree preoccupies Todd, Farah and the cops Dirk does his best to avoid the autopsy. Farah deduces that the poor sap (sorry, bad joke) was murdered. Dirk’s famous for only revealing the truth in snippets and it’s obvious that he’s holding something back. This detail doesn’t escape Todd and any chance at an explanation is halted when Bart shows up at the police station. This season so far has been woefully light on Bart’s screen time and her rant in the jail cell is one of the funnier sequences in the series.  

Vogel and Amanda make like Smokey and the Bandit in a stolen vintage Trans Am and are being trailed by Mr. Priest. Her visions lead her to the hotel were Todd left his belongings and into a lethal showdown with Mr. Priest and Blackwing’s assault squad. Ken’s skills are finally put to good use when Hugo asks him to decrypt some files on an old floppy disk. The disk contains intel on some of the special individuals that Blackwing has been developing over the years.  

They say the truth hurts and Susie gets a large dose of reality when she shows up at a friend’s house for book club. Disappointed that her new makeover has been largely ignored by the women in the group, Susie turns the gathering into a pity party. It seems Susie’s always been a bad seed and her newfound powers have only given her the opportunity to heighten what’s she’s always been. 

Two Broken Fingers shows some of Dirk’s vulnerabilities and things start to slide into crisis of confidence territory until a pep talk from Todd sets things right. Dirk’s not the only character who’s unsure of themselves as Amanda and Susie spend a lot of the episode stumbling into situations. Overall, Two Broken Fingers was probably the weakest effort of the season. Hopefully things will pick up in Ep. 204 and in the immortal words of Mr. Priest it be “a wild one”.

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