Review: Dirk Gently 202: Fans of Wet Circles  

Netflix: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Photo Credit: Katie Yu, © 2017 AMC Film

Dirk Gently 202: Fans of Wet Circles  

*Warning: Review Contains Spoilers 

The comic court of Wendimoor kicks off Fans of Wet Circles, Episode 2 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Playing like a Game of Thrones spoof it soon becomes clear that Dirk transcends inter-dimensional boundaries and is at the center of an ancient prophesy to the people of Wendimoor. Meanwhile back on Earth Todd and Farah investigate the car that fell out of a tree. They discover a dead body in the car but a strange noise from the trunk diverts their attention. When the trunk opens, much to their surprise they’re reunited with a liberated Dirk. Reunited and it feels so good until the police show up and arrest Farah and Todd. 

Suzie tries out her new abilities courtesy of the wand and spell book she picked up last episode. Her magical makeover yields some comic moments but also leads her into Peter Parker territory. Also grappling with her new abilities is Amanda who with Vogel’s help is able to turn the trauma of her inherited disability into a useful tool.  

Todd’s former life as Mexican Funeral’s frontman earns him some points with the Bergsberg police but not as much as Dirk’s connection to Sherlock Hobbs, the town’s sheriff.  Hobbs releases the trio to help him solve a 50 year old missing person’s case that ironically is connected – there’s that word again – to the car that fell out of the tree. Dirk informs Todd and Farah that before they can go looking for Amanda, they must solve their new case: Find the boy – the cryptic words uttered by Dirk’s former acquaintance Mona Wilder.  

Ken, still trapped in the taxi somewhere in the bowels of Blackwing’s compound must feel as though he’s trapped in a frustrating scene from Dude, Where’s My Dirk? Hugo Friedkin’s ineptitude can’t last forever and with the introduction of the eerie Mr. Priest some menace is finally associated with the clandestine government agency.  

A new mystery comes to light involving an electrical pulse that rocked Bergberg way back in 1967. All of this comes to light when Dirk, Todd, Farah and the cops return to the creepy house on the hill. While investigating things Dirk finds a cool weapon that is certainly not of earthly origin. Although Fans of Wet Circles is light on Bart, the Rowdy 3 do make an appearance.   

The magical realm finally makes its true appearance when Panto Trost runs into Susan’s son’s car. His arrival is just one of many questions that remain unanswered after watching Fans of Wet Circles. Just how did Panto cross over to Earth; what other powers does Dirk possess; just who is the mystery man in white and what’s his connection to all of this? Being a Dirk Gently investigation it’ll only be a matter of time until all is revealed and in the meantime the journey to that destination continues to be an entertaining one.

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