Review: Comic Book Men 706 “In a Galaxy Very Nearby”

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Comic Book Men 706 “In a Galaxy Very Nearby”

It’s a Star Wars extravaganza this week as several items from the film franchise make their way into the Secret Stash. Rare international action figures, a hilarious C3P0 error card and a request for a Star Wars themed wedding gift are a few of the highlights in this week’s episode, In a Galaxy Very Nearby.

The first Star Wars item to make its way across Walt’s counter is a scandalous C3P0 card from Topps. The card is the stuff of legend and what makes it so unique is the fact it has an anatomically incorrect photo of the golden protocol droid on it. The rather well endowed C3P0 error card hails from the line’s 4th vintage era run way back in 1977. As rare as this card is the air brushed corrected card is even rarer. The seller is a hardcore Star Wars fan and is looking to unload it to help fund one of his hobbies. A deal is struck and the rare and humorous card is now part of the store’s collection.

Another unusual Star Wars item appears when a customer brings in a pre production piece featuring an obscure character from the movies. The item in question is a Kenner Power of the Force Prune Face proof from 1985. The proof is the backing that held the action figures in place and featured an image of the character on one side. The rarity of the proof and the seller’s asking price of $5000 shocks Walt and completely flabbergasts Bryan. Even with the astronomical price, Walt is intrigued and asks Rob Bruce for a second opinion. The customer drives a hard bargain and even with Walt trying his best to meet the price no deal is done.

A customer looking for a wedding gift drops by looking for a gift for her fiancée. The wedding is Star Wars themed and Walt offers a 2016 Han Solo in Carbonite collectible produced by Gentle Giant. Reliving the iconic scene Walt and Ming play Leia and Han respectively to some laughs. Impressed with the gift, the customer and Walt do some bargaining before everyone is happy and Han has a new owner.

Continuing the Star Wars theme, a regular to the Stash adds some international flair to the episode. In his possession are some rare Star Wars figures from around the world including a Polish Boba Fett and an Italian Han Solo. Some of the figures are bootleg items as Kenner only produced action figures and ships for the North American market. The seller wants to move the figures to make money to donate to charity. Walt, still stinging from losing out on Prune Face earlier on is quite interested. He makes an offer for a French Yoda and becomes a “big dog” by dropping some serious cash for the rare figure.

In a Galaxy Nearby features some rare Star Wars collectibles, showcases its worldwide appeal and even highlights its cultural impact. The rare C3P0 card and Ming and Walt’s carbonite scene recreation also adds some humor to an episode that evokes fond memories of the Star Wars and solidifies its enduring appeal.

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