Review: Comic Book Men 705 “Stash Bash”

Pasquale Menna,Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes – Comic Book Men _ Season 7 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Comic Book Men 705 “Stash Bash”

The Secret Stash turns 20! This week on Comic Book Men a customer tries to sell a copy of The Death of Superman, Jay & Silent Bob cosplayers take over the streets of Red Bank and Walt and the boys try to secure their place in the history books by setting a Guinness World Record. The episode also features an appearance by Jay & Silent Bob as they arrive to be celebrated by the mayor of the city.

The Death of Superman was one of the greatest and most publicized events in the history of comic books. A customer comes into the Stash with a platinum edition of the famous book signed by DC editor, Mike Carlin. This particular variant is the most valuable edition of all of the comics that were published featuring Superman’s demise. After some banter about the hype surrounding the character’s death and subsequent resurrection Walt and the customer work out a deal for the iconic book.

With the Secret Stash turning 20 Kevin tasks the gang with finding a way to mark the occasion. Walt comes up with the idea of shutting down the street and assembling the largest collection of Jay & Silent Bob cosplayers ever.

Another customer comes in with a rare and strange collectible for the boys to take a look at. It’s a 1993 Chinese bootleg of a RoboCop action figure with the unfortunate name of Robert Cop 2. The doll was produced to coincide with RoboCop 2. The illegal nature of the doll dampens Walt’s enthusiasm but does evoke memories of the store’s past selling bootleg VHS tapes of movies including Clerks.

The magical day arrives and a sea of Jay & Silent Bob cosplayers are lined up around the block. A representative from the Guinness World Records is on hand to record the number of cosplayers and Kevin shows up with free donuts for everyone. All of this happens on Kevin’s birthday weekend and the show of support overwhelms the original Silent Bob. The world record is 250 and to mark the occasion Ming, Bryan, Mike and Walt join in on the cosplay fun. Even Kevin’s wife Jennifer dons a beard to help push the number closer to the world record.

With all of the Jay & Silent Bobs gathered in front of the Stash Jason Mewes arrives to introduce Kevin and the pair, dressed as their iconic characters, address the crowd. After double-checking the numbers and checking the cosplayers for authenticity the total comes to 284 breaking the previous record. To cap off the event Red Bank’s mayor presents Jason and Kevin with a key to the city and declares the day Kevin Smith Day.

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