Review: Big Hero 6 – The Series


When I first saw the feature film Big Hero 6 I thought for the longest time how this was an unique and refreshing property that Disney had to offer. However, I always found myself wanting more from the series as it had great characters and a wonderful setting in Neo Fransokyo. Now the folks over at Disney have made Big Hero 6 the series and there is a DVD collecting some of the episodes from the first season. But, is this a DVD set you would want to purchase or should you just watch these on the Disney channel?

The series follows the exploits of the original cast from the movie and you will find all of your favorites back for another go. Baymax, Hiro, Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi and Fred are going on all new adventures and it starts out with the 44 minute movie Baymax Returns. After that there are six more episodes clocking in around 22 minutes a piece giving us even more great stories based on this franchise. I don’t want to go into what each of the episodes are about as I would rather you discover them on your own however, I will say that the episodes are true to the original film and it looks and feels like an extension of the feature film. Also, there are six shorts that are included as well based off of Baymax’s interactions with other characters. You will see Baymax interacting with all the characters such as Hiro, Fred and Wasabi and also Miso who is the cat who Baymax called “Hairy Baby!” These shorts are enjoyable and are played for laughs as you see these characters get into some funny situations.  The list of the episodes are:

1)    Baymax Returns

2)    Issue 188

3)    Big Roomates 2

4)    Food Fight

5)    Muirahara Woods

6)    Failure Mode

7)    Fred’s Bro-tillion

While this is not the CGI animation of the original movie the animation style is on point. The style that they used for the show tries to blend east and west animation giving the characters a very unique look. Also, if it sounds like the characters are close to the ones that were in the film chances are they are! Most of the cast that was in Big Hero 6 (with the exception of Fred and Wasabi) are back in this version lending their vocal talents to this great series.

The DVD collects the first several episodes from the series and the reason for that is that the remaining episodes have yet to be released. Also, episode 7 which is Fred’s Bro-Tillion originally aired as episode 4 and I have no idea why it was changed in the DVD set.  Also, other than the shorts there aren’t any other bonuses included with this set as they may be holding off for the complete first season release. However, this is really affordably priced around $8-10 depending on where you shop and for close to 180 minutes of content that is well worth it.

If you are a fan of the original movie you need to get your hands on the series. For more information about the series head over to  and get ready to power up with Big Hero 6!

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