Review: Comic Book Men 704 “Method Man’s Mego”

Method Man, Ming Chen, Walter Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, Bryan Johnson; Method Man – Comic Book Men _ Season 7 – Photo Credit: Brett Satterlund/AMC

Comic Book Men 704 “Method Man’s Mego”

Comic books and geek culture’s scope is far and wide even influencing those who’ve reached the upper echelons of fame. This week Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan pops by the Stash to talk comics, an iconic ride from a popular 70’s cop show makes an appearance and some rare comics make their way across Walt’s counter.

The gang at the Stash gets a treat when a customer comes by with a piece of TV history. Parked outside of the store is a red Gran Torino from the 70’s cop show Starsky & Hutch. The car is one of the few originals left from the production and the owner even has replica guns and a sweater used by the titular characters. While the car is a marvel to behold it’s not for sale. The true treasure resides in its trunk. Inside is a bounty of toy memorabilia from the popular series. Walt geeks out over the merchandise and makes a deal for some of the items. To cap of the retro TV experience Walt dons Starsky’s sweater and goes for a spin in the iconic ride.

Legendary rapper and actor Method Man then makes his way into the store. A big fan of Comic Book Men, he finally has some time to pay the crew a visit. After chatting about his love of comics and his extensive collection, Method Man drops a pristine copy of The Incredible Hulk #181 on the table. Hoping to get it appraised he hands it over to Mike who is quite impressed with its grade. The only thing that could devalue the book is if it’s missing the value stamp located inside. With the stamp in the proper place, Method Man is all smiles especially when he’s given a dollar value for his most prized comic. He also spies a 1973 Mego Aquaman doll and asks Walt for a price. When the price isn’t to his liking Method Man drops some freestyle lyrics to pay for the vintage King of Atlantis.

An interesting item comes into the Stash featuring a rap legend and one of Marvel’s fan favorites. A rare 2009 Eminem/Punisher #1 signed by Stan Lee is offered to Walt who loves comics featuring musicians and superheroes. When the price doesn’t sit well with him, Ming takes over the negotiations to comic effect.

A Medieval Spawn resin statue is the object of another customer’s desire. A big fan of the character and MacFarlane Toys the customer is taken by the statue’s detail. After some back and forth negotiations another happy customer leaves the Stash and Medieval Spawn has a new owner.

Method Man’s Mego is another entertaining episode of Comic Book Men. It appeals to music fans, comic book aficionados and fans of classic cop shows from the 70’s. Method Man’s love of the show and the genre is evident and here’s hoping he brings along more of his vast collection the next time he visits.

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