Review: The Walking Dead 912 – Guardians

Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead 912 – Guardians

Inner tensions threaten to tear Alexandria apart as the fallout from Negan’s escape, Jesus’ death and growing isolation come to surface. Members of the council clash with Michonne and it soon becomes clear that her determination to keep Alexandria safe is at odds with the wishes held by Gabriel, Siddiq and Aaron.

Henry continues to be a frustrating character to follow. His youthful ignorance gets him captured by the Whisperers and even Lydia utters a line that echoes the thoughts of many viewers, “You’re so stupid,”. Alpha spares his life, no doubt to use him as a bargaining chip down the line. Henry’s interest in Lydia elicits Alpha’s curiosity and her conversation with her daughter reveals the Whisperers’ modus operandi regarding survival and the truth.

The years have blessed Eugene with a strength and wisdom that seem unnatural to him. The advice he imparts on Gabriel is sound but also highlights the complicated nature of the Gabriel\Siddiq\Eugene love triangle that surrounds Rosita. An unconventional relationship has Gabriel off balance and Eugene’s calming influence makes it clear Rosita loves him and that no matter what any of them decide, all decisions are Rosita’s alone to make.

Cutting through the fat isn’t Eugene’s territory alone in Guardians. Negan tries to reach out to Michonne to offer her some help running things in Alexandria. Negan’s advice is a bitter pill and Michonne rejects it entirely. Michonne’s stance, both with Negan and Alexandria’s leadership group, is based out of fear more so than strength. Still stinging from a series of loses, most of all Rick’s, she’s resorted to being insular and at times short sighted. Her position isn’t without merit, but it’s clear to those around her that she’s become stuck in her ways instead of adopting a new outlook to ensure survival for everyone, including those outside of her community.

Guardians serves as a lesson to several players in the episode. Judith’s frank chat with Michonne exposes some wounds and Henry gets a first class education in the ways of the Whisperers. Lydia is faced with a choice, two in fact, that have potentially grave consequences. There are a lot of moving pieces in the episode setting up future alliances as well as betrayals that may come to fruition down the road. Some of the fans that comment on our Walking Dead reviews expressed their desire to see Negan and Alpha deal with things face to face. Here’s hoping that happens sooner than later because the prospect of watching Samantha Morton and Jeffery Dean Morgan chew scenery together would be a sight to behold.