Review: Midnighter and Apollo

midnapo_cv1_ds*WARNING: Review may contain spoilers!

What if you were a superhero that was experimented on only to kill? What if that curse got in the way of everything that you desired? Would you find a way to overcome your programming or would you try to break free and live the way you wanted? This is the question that’s posed in the new limited series Midnighter and Apollo from DC comics.

The story opens as Midnighter and Apollo are battling a group of subway pirates. These criminals have kidnapped children and are holding them somewhere. The team makes short work of the pirates as well as recover the children. Later on the team out of their costumes is enjoying dinner with two of their friends. As the evening progresses we find out that Midnighter and Apollo are in love and would do anything for each other. However, all may be lost as Midnighter tries to find the person that made him into an inhuman killing machine. Mister Bendix has a plan to destroy them both but will they be able to overcome the scheme that he has in store for them? All I can say is this book is a good read as it has a few unexpected twists and turns that makes you wonder what is in store for the next issue.

Steve Orlando, who has not only written previous incarnations of Midnighter, but has also written some other classic DC titles such as Nightwing, Batman and Supergirl, writes this book. He lends a great narrative to the comic as you get a glimpse of not only the superheroes but also the people they are behind the masks. Fernando Blanco is an accomplished artist that has worked on many titles for both DC and Marvel. Some of the titles he is known for are Marvel Zombies, Detective Comics and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger. His art brings a unique visual style to the comic that is very pleasing to the eye as the action flows from page to page.

If you love a great story and want to see two heroes who look like polar opposites attracted to each other you need to check this out. I for one love how the two heroes are attracted to each other, as this is something not covered much in today’s comics.