Review: Marvel’s Daredevil 302 – Please

Marvel’s Daredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil 302 – Please 

Success comes with a price, particularly when it comes with a little help from Kingpin himself. After helping Nadeem and the FBI bring down one of the top criminals in the city the shockwaves of Fisk’s actions not only ripple through his world but the bureau’s as well. While the bureau and no doubt Nadeem’s future will be hugely impacted by dealing with Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime sees the consequences of his actions immediately. The failed attempt to punish Fisk in the prison weight room for snitching is not only ill conceived and ultimately a failure but also demonstrates Fisk’s maturation. Bottling his rage for another day illustrates the forward thinking and upward trajectory Fisk is on. The highs he’s achieving are in direct contrast though to the lows being experienced by Matt Murdock.  

The hits keep coming for Matt, physically but more importantly psychologically. After essentially wanting to be put out of his misery in the closing moments of the Season 3 premiere it takes Sister Maggie’s no-nonsense approach to get him back on his feet. Maggie isn’t your typical nun and in a way is reminiscent of Stick when it comes to their treatment of Matt. Unlike Stick however, Maggie does have a softer side and she lets it show for a few moments while counselling Matt. His faith broken and lamenting that he can’t do what he once could, Matt is forced to reconcile with what he truly is at his core.    

Also stuck in the past somewhat is Karen. Doggedly hanging on to a story focused on Midland Circle puts her in Ellison’s bad books. The real reason for her obsession with the piece lies in her quest to find out more about Matt’s disappearance and Ellison’s insistence that she take on a new case ultimately points her in the direction she’s been yearning for.   

Please continues the themes of guilt, faith and destiny. The soul searching conducted by several of the main players drives the narrative on several points. Even Foggy can’t escape the grip of family ties, expectations and doubt. The only one who seems near the apex of his game is Fisk. Even under heavy fire in the explosive final moments of the episode, he remains calm and is witness to an impressive new player on the scene – one long-time fans of the Man Without Fear will surely recognize. The new season is taking its time, setting the table for what is to come. With so many interesting characters in the mix the pacing is on point letting the intrigue build around them like a slowly clenching fist.