Review: Loaded Ep. 106 – The Red List   

Loaded Ep. 106 – The Red List  

The pressure continues to build as the lads rush to perfect their new game in time for its debut at the gaming expo, EDX. Tensions begin to unsettle IDYL Hands’ fantastic foursome even more when Leon discovers that he’s made The Red List – a list of the top 100 influential people in media. The accolades being thrown Leon’s way leave his mates unimpressed, particularly Josh and Ewan.

Another wrinkle added to the delicate balance of their friendship is Ewan’s new boyfriend who questions why he isn’t seen as an equal among his peers. While Ewan tries to justify his place in the company Watto goes fishing and catches a dog, Josh and Abi take part in a pitch fest and Leon learns the finer points of golf and The Red List from Casey.

After taking an accidental golf club to the nose things get decidedly worse for Casey when Naomi discovers that she’s been dropped from this year’s edition of The Red List. The news puts Leon on cloud nine but not in a good enough mood to take Ewan’s request for an office seriously. It also alters the dynamics between Leon and Casey and brings them to a new level of understanding with humorous results.

Jealousy turns Josh into a whinny, green-eyed monster when Abi gets her project funded by a handsome financier. His over protective tendencies run counter to Abi’s desire to make it on her own. Things take a comic twist when Josh asks Naomi for some “shady” assistance to get Abi’s project funded by someone else.

Speaking of twists, The Red List features quite a few. Ewan’s new relationship unleashes a new side of himself, Leon’s talents are validated and Casey proves there is some bite to her bark. The largest twist occurs at the end where the realities of big business collide with the ambitions of creators. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Leon will truly have to earn his place on The Red List, particularly among his closest friends.