Review: Loaded Ep. 105 – The Boat

Mary McCormack as Casey, Samuel Anderson as Leon – Loaded _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Kevin Baker/CH4/AMC

Loaded Ep. 105 – The Boat

The realities of their new place in the gaming industry hang over Ewan, Josh, Watto and Leon’s heads right from the opening moments of The Boat. Production of their new Viking game is progressing well but although Leon tries to crack the whip the rest of the lads don’t seem as motivated as he his. The reason for that is due to Casey’s continued pressure and the revelation that she’s arranged for them to debut the game at EGX in six weeks. Talk about a disconnect between management and creative.

To focus the group Leon buys a luxury yacht and takes them on the trip to help them finish the game. The road to ruin, this time a port is paved in good intentions. Ewan’s painfully awkward flirting techniques, mysterious stains on the boat and Watto’s newfound love of fitness provide some laughs until the true nature behind Leon’s steal of a deal comes to light. Along for the ride is Naomi who under Casey’s orders is spying on the crew to monitor the game’s development.

Complicating matters is the revelation that Leon has Abi under surveillance. Apparently she’s back with her ex-boyfriend and Leon’s P.I. has a dossier on her much to Josh’s chagrin. That is until he realizes that he’s able to track her movements using a drone. Leon’s zest to make things work goes awry when Watto ends up drinking Leon’s water that’s been spiked with LSD. With Watto off the wagon his loose lips sink Ewan’s ship when he lets it slip that Ewan is rich. That bit of news angers the deckhand who Ewan shagged in the yacht’s kitchen.

The Boat is filled with loads of laughs, some witty dialogue and several cautionary tales regarding food preparation. Loaded has come into its own and has struck the right balance between humor, story/character development and great chemistry between the actors. With Ewan taking the plunge, so to speak, some clarity coming into Watto’s life and the looming deadline set by Casey it seems like the status quo may shift somewhat – hopefully with the same amount of laughs generated while the lads were “at sea”.