Review: Loaded Ep. 104 – Watto’s Mum

Jim Howick as Josh, Samuel Anderson as Leon, Nick Helm as Watto, Jonny Sweet as Ewan – Loaded _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/CH4/AMC

Loaded Ep. 104 – Watto’s Mum

The prodigal mum returns when Watto’s mom shows up at the office after leaving when he was 16. The reunion, while a moment of happiness for Watto, suspicions run high among the rest of the boys particularly Ewan. Watto’s newfound wealth combined with his mother’s less than scrupulous ways leads to some tension in the group. Also compounding things is the impending arrival of their boss from U.S. and Casey’s directive for Leon to oversee the creation of the company’s next game – much to Josh’s displeasure.

When Watto’s duplicitous mom asks him for money, Ewan enlists Naomi’s aid but things go comically wrong when a case of mistaken identity throws his plans into chaos. Watto tries to reconnect with his mother by buying his childhood home and proposing that they live together again. The prospect of making up for lost time runs contrary to his mother’s true nature and the mother and child reunion comes to a sad and short-lived end.

The pressure is on Josh and Leon as they prepare for their meeting with their new boss dubbed “The Emperor” by Casey. Even Casey’s nerves are frayed as The Emperor wants to discuss the team’s next game over dinner. Josh and Leon are adamant that a sequel to Cat Factory is out of the question but are having trouble deciding what to do as a follow up. When the big night finally arrives the plastic spoon sucking Emperor’s eccentric ways throws everyone off balance until Abi saves the day.

Watto’s Mum, although it focuses Watto and gives some insight into his addictions and behavior also turns the spotlight on Ewan. His post kidnapping therapy session yields a wealth of information and provides ample material that should be explored in future episodes. There’s also a curious scene near the end between Leon and Casey that is nothing short of sexual harassment. Where the writers take that as the series progresses will be interesting because although it was done for comic effect, if the roles were reversed audience reaction would no doubt be different.