Review: Fear the Walking Dead 601 – The End is the Beginning

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 601: The End is the Beginning

When the screen went dark last season on Fear the Walking Dead the biggest unanswered question was the fate of Morgan Jones. Mortally wounded and left for dead by Virginia, it appeared as Morgan’s fate was sealed, particularly since he was in the path of some hungry walkers.

Well its amazing what miracles can happen between seasons and the first episode of Season 6, The End is the Beginning introduces a mysterious new character who is called into service by Virginia. It seems that she is in need of this particular headhunter, and her target is none other than Morgan himself.

When we do catch up to Morgan he’s in rough shape. His eyes are abnormally bloodshot and he’s got a beard and a baby fro. Still slowed by his gunshot wound, he’s able to evade detection and take out a walker, albeit with a fair amount of difficulty. He’s also fashioned a surprisingly comfortable pad in an abandoned water tower. Several questions arise watching Morgan in his current state especially why walkers seem to leave him alone. There isn’t much time to ponder the question however as the headhunting bounty hunter closes in on him.

Morgan stumbles upon a stranger who offers to help him but he repeatedly spurns the aid. The persistent stranger needs Morgan’s help due to the fact that his wife is pregnant and the baby may come early. The mystery surrounding Morgan’s survival gets revealed halfway through The End is the Beginning as does his mysterious benefactor’s backstory. He offers Morgan a place of refuge as well as an opportunity to extract the bullet still lodged in his chest. Reluctantly Morgan agrees to help but is still consumed by a fair amount of guilt.

The End is the Beginning is a powerful showcase for Morgan and a fitting tribute to the character and Lennie James. The episode is like a chrysalis for the character. The transformation he undergoes pays homage to what he was and uses it as a triumphant springboard for all that lays ahead.

The End is the Beginning is taut, engaging and throws a few satisfying twists at the viewer. It does an excellent job of tying up some of last season’s plot threads while setting up the main thrust for this season. After a couple of uneven seasons, Fear the Walking Dead appears to have found its footing and for all involved that’s a good thing.