Review: Fear the Walking Dead 507 – Still Standing

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 507 – Still Standing

As Fear the Walking Dead moves through it’s fifth season, one marked by a lot of change and uncertainty there have been enough hints that the situation the group is in is a dire one. With irradiated walkers, nuclear fallout and no easy way out of the predicament Alicia, Morgan and the others find themselves in it was only a matter of time before all of the foreshadowing paid off.

Still Standing doesn’t necessarily deliver any concrete outcomes but it does set the stage for a major change in the show’s future. More on that later though. Alicia tracks down Annie and the kids to try and convince them join them on their flight to safety. She offers some compelling reasons but Annie’s loyalty to her parents and their request to keep her brothers safe is stronger. It also doesn’t help that Annie is well aware that the plane Alicia’s escape plan hinges on is being held together with spit and twine.

Faith is the order of the day and Strand’s lack of it has he and Charlie surrounded by a hoard of walkers. Luckily after their hot air balloon mishap they were able to jerry-rig a protective barrier around themselves using what’s left of the balloon’s fabric. Strand reflects on their situation and realizes that his lack of faith may have contributed to some of their recent failures. A moment of humility is a rare thing with Strand but after all he’s been through and lost perhaps he’s mellowing a bit. His doubts are dispelled however when Morgan arrives, in a hazmat suit no less, to rescue his friends. Morgan isn’t done saving the day though. He also goes against Grace’s wishes and decides to pull her into his orbit. The lessons Morgan learned from Eastman helped get him out of the downward spiral he was in. It’s because of that experience that Morgan is willing to risk radiation poisoning to let Grace see that she doesn’t have to be alone.

The heart to heart conversations that transpired last episode continue this week. John and Dwight’s search for Sharon comes to a halt when the contents of her letter are revealed. John’s honesty and Dwight’s reaction to the truth demonstrates the strength within both of them. Al’s revelation to June has the same effect. It’s interesting that the moments of vulnerability displayed by many of the characters in Still Standing lead them towards a path of healing and success.

The biggest event to come out of the episode involves Alicia. Her determination to bring Annie and the kids with her puts her in a situation that is reminiscent of her mother’s last stand at the baseball diamond. Now nothing is certain but at this point her efforts appear to have a decidedly negative outlook for her. What happens next is sure to cause some consternation in the fanbase and it would be a shame to see the Clark family completely disappear from the show. At this point though everyone is still standing. For how long remains to be seen.