Review: Fear the Walking Dead 501 – Here to Help

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 501 – Here to Help

Fear the Walking Dead is back and a lot has changed since the screen went dark on Season 4. A plane crash sets the stage for an avalanche of calamity and the introduction of some new characters into the mix. Trapped in the wreckage are Morgan, John and the others with a hoard of walkers closing in on them. Apparently, a rescue mission to aid someone named Logan has gone awry leaving Alicia to go all action hero to keep the peace. Man, she is hella good wielding an airplane propeller. Complicating matters though is a gruesome injury to Luciana and the fact they’ve apparently landed in an area teeming with radiation.

After a raucous opening sequence things settle down somewhat to reveal a time jump from when we last saw Alicia and the crew. Helping the mysterious Logan has the main group separated from Strand and the others and surrounded by danger and mystery at almost every turn. Trying to carry on Clayton’s legacy of helping others has the group in a precarious position, one that doesn’t appeal to the new kids that helped to get them to safety.

Some of the mystery fades away as Logan’s history and connection to the group soon becomes clear. It appears that he’s Clayton’s former business partner and the L in the CL on the side of the trucks Sarah has been driving to deliver supplies to those in need. There are more answers out there though and some of them may reside in Al’s tapes.

Here to Help chronicles the struggles and inner turmoil many in the group face, particularly Alicia and Morgan. The futility of their mission is not lost on Alicia, especially considering the amount of personal loss she’s faced recently. Morgan though, is the voice of reason, and with all that he’s seen during the apocalypse he refuses to believe that all of their hardships have been in vain.

After an uneven Season 4 where the show was essentially rebooted mid-season, it appears, from the premiere at least, that Fear the Walking Dead is back on track. With some intrigue thrown into the mix surrounding their new nemesis and the surprising return of an old favorite this season has the potential to be a rewarding one. Much like when Fear debuted five seasons ago it has the chance to add something new to the narrative established by The Walking Dead. Lets hope they’ve learned from their past missteps and the show can once again stand apart from its older sibling.