Review: Fear the Walking Dead 413 – Blackjack

Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 413 – Blackjack

The search for Quinn reveals some unsettling truths for June, Morgan and the group. Instead of running into Quinn the gang stumble upon Purvis, the “take what you need walker” and the mysterious Filthy Woman who holds the zombified version of Quinn in her possession. Filthy Woman has a number of people unsettled including Althea who is none too happy that she has her stolen van. Complicating matters even more is the fact that Quinn’s killer claims to know more about Morgan than he is aware of.

Elsewhere, Strand and John look for a solution to find their way across the water that’s cut them off from the others. Flashes of the old Strand come to the surface as they bicker over the best course of action. Strand elects to stay in their makeshift camp while John is eager to hit the water in his homemade raft. As John sets off on his journey a giant alligator cuts him off and he returns to land much to Strand’s amusement.

Luciana encounters an old man who has been trapped in his car since the storm. He’s badly injured and a little skeptical of Luciana’s offer to help but eventually relents. When her attempts prove fruitless, the man asks for an unusual request -beer. It’s amazing how much of an effect the absence of beer has had on the survivors of the apocalypse. Beer isn’t the only thing that people look to for help to them keep going. Victor’s love of wine almost gets him killed much to John’s dismay. Maybe Jim’s dream of bringing alcohol back to the masses in a bid to make the new world more palatable isn’t as far-fetched as it seems.

Blackjack features three storylines that all revolve around not giving up. Luciana’s quest to fulfill the dying man’s wish helps her to not only atone for past mistakes but also provides her with a lead to more supplies. Strand and John’s misadventures on the water are reminiscent of scenes from Jaws and Lake Placid but their struggles underline the need for perseverance. Morgan’s continued efforts begin to reunify the tattered group and bring Luciana, Alicia and Charlie back into the fold.

Like an itch that won’t quite go away, Filthy Woman reappears on the scene to throw a wrench and more than a few bullets into Morgan’s reunification plans. Clearly damaged by the ravages of the apocalypse her desire to make people stronger by increasing the level of difficulty surrounding their ability to survive is an interesting counter balance to the sharing and caring stance held by almost everyone else. As a lone wolf big bad it’s debatable how long she can remain a central foil but the seeds of her plans have already been planted so how they blossom will be interesting to monitor.