Review: DCeased #4

Warning: Review may contain spoilers!

What if a zombie outbreak hit the DC Universe and it didn’t discriminate who it infected? Would the heroes and villians be able to team up to push back the forces of the undead? Or will they succumb to the hordes of the flesh eating monsters? This is the premise of DC Comics’ latest releases which is DCeased #4 of 6.

This issue starts out with Captain Atom patrolling over the skies of Washington DC when the Atom, who has gone subatomic, invades the Captain’s body. He is infecting his body from the inside out as he struggles against the tiny invader. The survivors headed by Lois Lane call out to everyone far and wide saying that anyone who has the power to stop this needs to come to Metropolis. And that is just in the first few pages of this issue and I don’t want to give away too much but all I can say is this is definitely worth a read.

The book is written by Tom Taylor (who has written for DC, Marvel and Dark Horse) and pencilled by the fabulous Treveor Hairsine (who has worked on a lot of titles for 2000 AD) this is a fabulous read and you should check this out if you haven’t already. For more information on this and other comics head over to  and get ready to fend off the zombie apocalypse.